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QWhere can I sign up for the Free Elite Members Area Trial?

A – Just go to and click the “subscribe button and your all set.

QWhat is the Medical Coding Pro Elite Members Area?

A – The Elite Members Area has over 200 videos including a full 5 day course on ICD-9-CM plus ICD-10, instructional videos, surgical videos, systems of the body, digestive system and many others. It also include Tool Boxes for Family Practice, Orthopaedic, Cardiology, and OB/GYN coders. There are lectures and articles on medical coding plus a resource center that has about every medical website you would ever need to visit all in on place.

QWhat does the Elite Members Area cost?

A – It is FREE for the first 7 days and then only $27 per month.

QIs there restricted access during the FREE Trial Period?

A – No, you will have access to everything at no cost for 7 days.

QHow do I cancel my membership if I don’t want to continue after the trial period?

A – Easy, just send us an email at and we will cancel your membership no questions asked. Easy, Simple, Fast.